Our Markets


Whether your job involves a retail store, shopping centers, hotels, offices, casinos, sports arenas, hospitals, schools or universities, we can find the right product for your specific application. We realize that no two commercial projects are the same.  Each one has its own set of specific needs, challenges and unique solutions designed to maximize productivity and company resources. Whether you are retrofitting an older building or designing a new facility we understand the diverse and multifaceted needs to create the best space possible with modern design and common sense solutions.

Healthcare: Reliability, durability, maintainability, efficiency and economic value are essential when determining the right product for any healthcare facility. Accommodating for the various needs of patients, visitors, medical staff and emergency responders is also an important factor in product choice. We offer a variety of products to help you provide the most effective healthcare solutions.
Education/Universities: Accessibility, aesthetics, cost factors, functionality, productivity, safety and sustainability are just some of the core considerations in designing an educational facility. We offer both interior and exterior solutions for a wide variety of design application such as office spaces, classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias, lab space, music rooms, media centers, restrooms, dormitories, security and more.
Office/Commercial: Providing a safe, comfortable, energy-efficient, and attractive environment for team productivity and space functionality is the primary objective of commercial building design. Because of the increasing size and complexity, commercial buildings have become more and more dependent upon adequate and reliable systems such as communications, fire alarm systems, security, lighting, food handling/preparation, lightning protection, automated building control systems, signaling, and so much more.
Data Centers: Integrated systems that allow for design flexibility and scalability make for an effective data center. We offer total facility solutions that include electrical, lighting, power distribution, fire protection, security, uninterruptible power supply, data communication, building feeds and more.


When it comes to improving, powering and networking your industrial facilities, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your project’s needs including automation, industrial control, lighting, power distribution, power protection and more.

Manufacturing Plants: With a wide range of needs, manufacturing facilities will focus their design efforts on workplace safety, plant functionality and automation as necessary. We offer many product solutions that cover communications, fire alarm systems, security, lighting, food handling/preparation, lightning protection, automated building control systems, signaling, and so much more.
Mining/Oil and Gas: When your projects come up against the most hazardous environments, you need reliable solutions built to last. We offer explosion-proof equipment, hazardous lighting solutions, automation products, and other safety-related electrical products that meet a variety of U.S. and international standards.
Food Processing: Many facilities are engaged in the supply of processed foods and beverages, encompassing everything from poultry processing, canned food, baked goods, soft drinks and more. Some of their key business considerations include increasing food and personnel safety, revenues, plant sustainability and brand equity. They require products that will assist them with continuous operation and sustainability, corrosive environments, washdown and sanitation, safety and contamination, cold storage, extreme temperatures and temperature cycling, hazardous locations, exit and emergency as well as general office space needs. We offer a variety of electrical and lighting products that address all areas of operation from working with raw materials, food processing, storage, shipping, office environments and even outdoor safety.


Covering a wide gamut of construction projects including single-unit, manufactured, duplex, quad-plex, apartments and condominiums, we offer a complete line of electrical and lighting products to meet the various needs of making a home personal and unique as well as allowing for a more unified and cost effective approach to multi-family living.

Multi-Family: Whether it’s an apartment building, assisted living, a hotel, campus living or condominiums, multi-family homes are spaces that need to appeal to prospective tenants while allowing for ease of maintenance. Factors such as efficiency, cost savings, accessibility and a pleasant visual aesthetic are important. We offer a wide selection of products that can bring a return on investment by reducing electrical loads and maintenance costs as well as providing improved safety and even incorporating green initiatives
Single-Family: Personal style is an important part of making a house your home. We offer whole home solutions which include both traditional and upgraded electrical and lighting products, home automation and control, intercom, media solutions and security devices.